“I think there’s no higher calling in terms of a career than public service, which is a chance to make a difference in people’s lives and improve the world.”


  • “The stakeholders showed up each month and shared the workload. It was inspiring to see the conversations after each meeting and then to hear about the efforts that emerged because the DWRF Collaborative brought them together.”

    - Rebecca Samulski Former DWRF Coordinator
  • Danny Margoles DWRF Coordinator

    Danny has coordinated the Dolores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative since 2018. He holds a Master’s in Geography from the University of Minnesota where he studied the effects of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on subalpine forests in Montana. He periodically teaches in the Environmental Studies Department at Fort Lewis College and has recently taught field courses with the Wild Rockies Field Institute and coordinated national AmeriCorps programs with Conservation Legacy.